Lower Schools

At Great Hearts we seek to educate the entire individual, mind and body. That is why Physical Education remains central to the K-5 curriculum. These activities reinforce the opportunity for students to develop the elements of fitness, learn the rudiments of major sports and build on their understanding of the human body. Our students also develop perseverance and courage in the gym or on the field, a vital complement to the character development that goes on in the classroom.

PE BowlingOur K-5 academies offer after-school athletic activities which are tuition-based. Young athletes learn more than just skills in our program: the talented and caring coaches also teach sportsmanship, respect, teamwork and leadership. Our student athletes will drill, practice and scrimmage, all the while learning the skills they need to successfully transition into our middle and high school athletics programs. Best of all—they will have fun with their fellow athletes!

Please refer to your individual academy to learn more about what Physical Education and athletics programs are offered.

Upper Schools

Athletic programs for 6-12th grade students are designed to be co-curricular. Our students benefit from the development of habits and virtue as part of the athletic experience. We strive for excellence on and off the field, providing an experience that shapes our athletes to be better people. The best measure of success of a Great Hearts athletic program is found in the character of the athlete it produces. All of our students can find opportunities to be successful while also being challenged at the highest levels of athletic competition.

Great Hearts athletes train and practice with vigor similar to their approach in their academic pursuits. Our athletic programs foster a sense of cooperation that builds community and creates the life-long friendships. Our programs also foster team spirit and encourage the celebration of accomplishments and personal growth. Through community and building relationships, athletes are held to the highest standard of integrity and sportsmanship.

Please refer to your individual academy to learn more about what athletic programs are offered.